Tips For The Perfect Macaroons

  • ROOM TEMPERATURE: Room temperature egg white whip better than cold ones. If you forgot to take them out of the fridge, put the eggs into warm water for 10-15 minutes. Or crack the eggs and let the white sit at room temperature for 30 minutes.

  • OIL FREE: When whipping meringue its important to keep all your equipment oil free and dry. I recommend using either glass or metal mixing bowl. Avoid plastic because there can the oil trapped in the pores.

  • CREAM OF TARTAR: The cream of tar is important for making macaroons because it helps stabilize them and helps protect them from over whipping.

  • DON’T OVER MIX: Try not to over mix your batter. It’s better to be a few strokes short than to have a runny batter. You need it to be “slow like lava” or “ribbon consistency”, not “runny cake batter”. (if it’s too runny the result might be cracked shells and no feet.

  • REST: Let the macaroons rest before baking them. Depending on the recipe and weather, it could take 30-60 minutes. They need to be dry on top. So that when you touch the top, they aren’t tacky. (if your macaroons don’t develop feet this might be the issue)

  • DROP: Make sure you smack out all the air bubbles. Drop the pan 6” from the table top a few time. Keep going until you no longer see any air bubbles. (if your macaroons are cracking up top, this might be the reason why)

  • OVERCOOKED VS. UNDER COOKED: Overcooked macaroons are easier to work with than under cooked. If your macaroon is still a little under cooked, stick it in for a few more minutes. Under cooked macaroons will still be wet inside and will stick to the parchment paper. Don’t worry if you overcook them. Simply fill them up and allow them to “mature” for 1-2 days (depending on the filling), and they will be perfectly soft.

  • LET THE STEAM OUT: Open the door half day through cooking your macaroon to let out some steam.

  • OVEN TEMPERATURE: To avoid cracks or browning of your macaroons, let your oven become full warm before placing in the meringue. Check your oven temperature with an oven thermometer.

  • WEATHER: Try to avoid baking macaroons on rainy or humid days. They will not rise properly and will crack on top

Storing Macaroons

  • REFRIDGERATE ASSEMBLED MACAROONS: Refrigerate the assembled macaroon. Usually stays fresh for 2-4 days depending on the filling.

  • REFRIDGERATE MACAROON SHEELS: Macaroon shells can stay fresh for 4-6 days after made. After you’ve filled them, they can stay fresh for 2-4 more days depending on the filling.

  • FREEZING ASSEMBLED MACAROONS: After assembling the macaroons, let them mature for 12-24 hrs in the fridge and then freeze in an airtight container.They can stay frozen up to 1 month. Thaw the macaroons a few hours before serving.

  • FREEZING MACAROON SHELLS: Once you’ve made the shells, let them cool. Then place into an airtight container and freeze up to 1 month. Thaw the shells a few hours before filling.

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